• Breakfast Seminar: The Medical Cannabis Industry, Opportunities, Regulatory Challenges & Future Developments

    July 24th 2019.  
    Are you aware of the fast changing medical cannabis industry across Europe and where the opportunities and challenges lie? In this breakfast seminar, industry experts will discuss the pressing issues in this quickly evolving sector, specifically:
    • The shape of the regulatory landscape in the UK and Europe
    • Why companies are having challenges being 'banked' and what the options are for providing
    • greater levels of comfort through improved transparency
    • What we can learn from the slightly more mature US and Canadian markets
    • What’s happening at governmental level and the challenges they're facing in moving the industry forward
    • Whether legitimate healthcare has an opportunity to accelerate regulatory approvals
    • Nick Davis - Keynote Speaker - CEO for Memery Crystal
    • Mintoi Chessa-Florea - Healthcare Editor, Editorial Projects Coordinator for Mergermarket and Debtwire
    • Nick Parfitt – Head of Market Planning for Acuris Risk Intelligence